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Fee Only Financial Planning Specific to Your Needs

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Focused On You and Your Financial Future

Why Dagel Financial?

Dagel Financial takes pride in providing advice that places clients first. As a Fiduciary, we strive to increase our client’s chances of achieving their financial goals by providing sound advice while trying to minimize risks and keep cost low.


Our advice is always developed with the client's best interest in mind. 

In order to achieve this level of objectivity, we do not accept any compensation from third-parties. Instead, we charge an hourly or flat fee for our service because we believe commissions and percentages on assets can cloud the advisor’s objectivity. We believe our fees should reflect services rendered rather than be based on the client’s investable assets or net worth. 

Finally, wbelieve that while we can’t guarantee returns, we can certainly manage costs and risks. For this reason, we always look for low cost/value alternatives and recommend low risk solutions within the clients individual risk tolerance.

Daniel Elie, President, Founder and Principle of Dagel Financial, is a CFP practitioner with over 20 years of experience who swears by the code of ethics of the CFP Board. 


CFP®, LL.M., M.B.A.
Principal/Founder of Dagel Financial

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with more than two decades of experience, Daniel Elie has passed through rigorous education, examination and experience requirements. He maintains an ongoing continuing education program and swears to the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics.

Comprehensive training as well as decades of experience have culminated in expertise in all aspects of financial planning including investing, insurance, income and estate tax planning, divorce planning, and retirement plans.  Added to his financial planning knowledge, Daniel Elie also possesses an M.B.A. and a Masters of Law degree that give an added, solid foundation to draw from in leading the firm in serving its clients. As a result, Daniel Elie has been able to and continues to assist many clients maximize their possibilities of achieving their financial goals by ensuring they avoid the most common planning mistakes. However, the firm provides no legal or tax advice.

He is committed to providing objective advice at a low cost. For this reason, Dagel Financial operates by providing the hourly and flat fee service models which require that planners accept no commissions or third-party compensation. Instead, Dagel Financial is paid directly by clients only for services and advice rendered. This approach ensures that the firm’s guidance is straightforward and honest. 

Dagel Financial is a pioneer in the exclusive use of the Hourly or Flat fee schedule for providing financial planning advice in Miami since 2003. We believe we have a responsibility to charge fees based on the value of the services rendered rather than on what we think the client can afford to pay. 


Dagel Financial is one of the few if not the only Registered Investment Advisor firm in Miami that charges exclusively on an hourly or flat fee basis. We believe it costs our clients much less to evaluate and implement our recommendations than to pay the one-time commission or on-going annual percentage on assets charged by traditional financial consultants.

Our hourly or flat fees are typically 3 to 5 times lower than commissions or fees based on a percentage of assets.  We pride ourselves on having a solid reputation for delivering dependable financial advice for a reasonable fee and recommending affordable solutions.  Finally, we believe financial planning should be accessible to all people, especially those who see value in working with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner and Fiduciary. 

Focused On You and Your Financial Future

About Us

Daniel Elie CFP®, LL.M., M.B.A.  Photo

Daniel Elie CFP®, LL.M., M.B.A.

Principal/Founder of Dagel Financial

A CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner with more than two decades of experience, Daniel Elie strives to assist his clients in avoiding the most common planning mistakes in order to maximize their chances of achieving their financial goals.  With extensive education as a CFP®, as well as an M.B.A. and a Masters of Law degree, he possesses the expertise to provide advice and service to his clients.  In order to maintain the highest ethical standards, Daniel has selected to implement an hourly, flat fee service model that fosters objectivity as it requires that planners not accept any third-party compensation. His commitment is to provide advice at a low cost.

Retirement Plan Advice and Support to Businesses and Professionals

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Company Retirement Plans

  • Employees take advantage of tax benefits while saving for their retirement.
  • Employers offer competitive benefits to attract and retain employees.
  • Employers offer retirement plans so their employees can make their own contributions in a tax favored account toward their retirement. 
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Employers are considered a Fiduciary and must ensure that fees taken out of plan assets to pay service providers must be “reasonable”.

No employer should expect a service provider to tell him that the same services are cheaper next door.  Therefore it is incumbent on the employer/fiduciary to research and look for the best value when comparing service provider’s fees and charges. Dagel Financial starts by offering low fees for its services and will help you look for the right service providers for the plan you want to offer your employees. 

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A plan must have at least one Fiduciary, typically the employer.  However, anyone else making key decisions for an ERISA plan can also be considered a Fiduciary. 

Fiduciaries are subject to standards of conduct since they act on behalf of the plan participants. These responsibilities include: 

  • Acting solely in the interest of plan participants and their beneficiaries with the exclusive purpose of providing them with benefits
  • Carrying out their duties prudently 
  • Diversifying plan investments
  • Only selecting plans with reasonable expenses 

Acting as a Fiduciary requires expertise in a variety of areas. Lacking that expertise, an employer will want to hire a service provider with the professional knowledge to carry out these functions. 

With these fiduciary responsibilities, there is also a potential for personal liability for the employer.  The liability can be limited in certain situations either by documenting the processes used to carry out the fiduciary responsibilities or by giving the participants control over the investments in their accounts as well as the ability to choose from a broad range of investment options. 

Those who handle plan funds or other plan properties must generally be covered by a fidelity bond. 


Fees are just one other factor Fiduciaries need to consider when selecting service providers and plan investments. When fees for services are paid out of plan assets, Fiduciaries will want to understand the fees and expenses charged in relation to services provided. While the law does not specify a permissible level of fees, it does require that fees charged to a plan must be reasonable.” It is the Fiduciary’s responsibility to ensure that these fees are reasonable both at inception and in later years. After careful evaluation during the initial selection, the plan’s fees and expenses should be monitored to determine whether they continue to be reasonable.

Start up plans and existing plans with up to $999,999 in assets 

Set up fee: $750.00 

Annual Fee: $1,000.00 

Existing Plans at or above $1,000,000 in assets 

Set up Fee: $1,000 + $250 per $1,000,000 in assets.

Annual Fee: $1,000 per $1,000,000 in assets  

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Annual fees for plans over $1,000,000 will be less than .10% of assets 

We are able to assist you: 

  • Designing the right plan with the required documentation
  • Selecting and coordinating the implementation with the right service providers (Plan Administrator or TPA, Record Keeper, Custodian etc.…)
  • Choosing the right investment vehicles
  • Recommending the appropriate portfolio allocation
  • Monitoring performance and fees on an ongoing basis
  • Promoting employee participation by providing employee education programs

Fees are not charged on any balances over the last $1,000,000 bracket.  

This pricing structure insures that the total annual fee will never be higher than 10 basis points or 0.10% of assets. Employee education programs are not covered under this pricing structure and can be determined on a case by case basis. 

Final fees and services to be provided will be listed and explained in a service agreement. The above price structure is provided for information purposes only and fees published on this website are subject to change without prior notice.

You Talk, We Listen. Our Advice Is the Conclusion of an Active Listening Process

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Personal Financial Plans

Here at Dagel Financial, we believe in charging solely for the services provided. We are convinced that Index Investing beats Active Management overtime in addition to being low cost and tax efficient. We prefer No-Load Index Mutual Funds over Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) while they both have very low fees, the offering price of a Mutual Fund share is not affected by the number of purchases or redemptions of the same shares. We are convinced that a well-executed Financial Plan should increase your chances of reaching your financial goals.  

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Planning increases your chances of achieving your goals. A good plan addresses the client’s personal needs, uses the latest technology, has the highest probability of success and provides detailed (not cookie cutter) recommendations based on the client’s specific needs.

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The best Financial Plan is based on the client’s financial and non-financial information. We help our clients organize and prioritize their goals, listen to their perceptions, views and opinions about issues important to them. Based on this open dialogue, we provide our clients with a final, detailed set of recommendations based on the choices they have made.  Finally, if desired, we will also help them implement and keep track of their progress through annual reviews and account re-balancing services. 

Our overall goal is to empower our clients to make the best selections in order achieve their desired financial goals. Our job is to help them increase their chances using our knowledge, experience, resources and tools. We provide them with options, make them aware of the costs and benefits and assist them in implementing the option they select, not the one we think is best.



A financial plan will help us determine what our clients need to do with current assets and how much is required in future savings. A well designed plan will help us search for the portfolio allocation with the highest probability of success within the client’s risk tolerance. We will then develop a strategy which will consider tax saving opportunities based on a low cost index investing approach using No-Load Index Mutual Funds when available. The plan will also help determine if there is a need for Life, Disability, or Long Term Care insurance allowing us then to provide detailed recommendations including amounts and types of coverage.

All information will be provided in a binder to include a:

  • Plan of Action
  • Detailed Recommendations
  • Financial Analysis
  • Additional Supporting Documentation



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Fee-Only Financial Planning and Advice for Everyday Life

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Meetings are available by appointment only. We offer a complimentary thirty-minute consultation for all new clients.  At the end of the consultation, we will provide you with a minimum and maximum quote for our services.  This is an opportunity, both for us to meet you to determine if we can help as well as for you to decide if we are the kind of advisor you are comfortable working with.



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